Greenland Photography Expedition


Adventure Photography - Clint Images

This is a unique opportunity for a select group of 5 individuals to experience the ultimate photography workshop.

Highlights Include:

-Stay in the stunning Sermilik Fjord
-Ice Caves
-Whale watching
-Glacier Walks
-Ice Fjord
-Night Photography
-Landscape Photography
-Northern Lights
-Underwater photography
-Transport to and from Kulusak
-Daily photo tours and photo trips
-Private tuition on location
-Pre-trip photography training

Saturday: Day 1: Arrive in Kulusuk, explore and photograph an ice cave
Sunday: Day 2: Excursion to a glacier in the fjord
Monday: Day 3: Excursion to an Inuit village
Tuesday: Day 4 Hiking excursion
Wednesday: Day 5 Whale watching in the fjord
Thursday: Day 6 Underwater split shots
Friday: Day 7 Transfer to Tasiilaq hotel
Saturday: Day 8 Transfer from Tasiilaq to Kulusuk airport
Excursions are weather dependent and might be rearranged so we can take advantage of the best weather conditions

Lead Photographer: Clint Singh is an experienced adventure photographer and photography tutor based in the UK.

Location: East Greenland - Sermilik Fjord
Date: 15th to 21st September 2018
Photography Level: Beginner to intermediate
Price:€5650 (please note, this does NOT include flights)

This is a workshop which entails extensive photography training on a one-to-one basis prior to the trip, enabling you to be at the necessary standard to capture the best images possible.  You are going to be immersed in a world of creative photography, learning and fine-tuning your skills while working towards an impressive portfolio by the end of the trip to rival any pro photographer.  

Be the first small group of photographers to experience the newly built camp, right on the Sermilik Fjord located in East Greenland! At Ice-Camp Greenland you will get to experience a real Greenland photography tour.

News Updates:

9th November 2017
Check out my blog post about a recent trip to Iceland with a student for a one-to-one photography workshop. Make sure you click on the gallery to view some amazing photos!

18th October 2017

Only a few places left on for the Photography Expedition, click on the link above to book! We will be back up there this week doing more scouting to find the best locations for the Greenland photography tour. I will be using my drone to get some amazing footage.

1st October 2017

In August I got to visit the newly built Ice Camp Greenland, which is located in East Greenland. This is going to be the location for the Photography Expedition Greenland next year and it really is a beautiful location. Two of us went out by zodiac in the darkness to a nearby island for a better vantage point to photograph the northern lights. We got some amazing shots, I am really excited about bringing photographers out to experience a great adventure!


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